Do you need some visuals to accompany your message? We have you covered.

Each Folklore Social Story/Ad is built up to the specifications of the platform it will be used on. For example on Instagram we could build a 24 second long story that is delivered in digestible 6 second viewing chunks. This optimizes digestion of the animation, and drives more listeners from your social accounts.

If you have a podcast, you know that it is difficult to drive listeners to just an audio file.  Folklore helps you turn that audio file into something that is more interesting to another sense, your eyes!

Our Social Stories can be created to custom fit your brand scheme and colors.  Use and re-use your creation in Snapchat/ Instagram/ Facebook and we won't forget to drive to the proper call to action.


STEP_1 (1).gif

Have old Podcasts that need new life?

If you have old episodes that need new life, we can create new animations to re-purpose old content.  Take a look in your archive and if you have 3-5 episodes that you'd like to drive traffic to, let Folklore help build an engaging visual asset to do so!

Go check your Archive for content to recycle.


Want a custom animation?