Look What We've Created!

Check out the different styles and lengths.  Enjoy the possibilities.


SD Paintball Park Explainer

Human Character Animation that helps a business differentiate from competitors in a similar space

Benji RabHan-  The Partner Podcast

This "talking head style" is a great way to build host/guest equity throughout a series of animation

School of Greatness

Illustration heavy with a focus on the guest speaker, stylistically and graphically simple style.

Intro BUmper - Locked On w/ Josh LLoyd

A minimalist/ futurist style showcasing the brand for an Intro to a podcast.

The Solid Verbal | How Recruiting Works

Sporty style that focuses mainly on football play sketches and logos.

FortNite Crossover for Athletic Department Promo

Story that blends a current event game with woman’s lacrosse team to help celebrate a victory (royale).

Elliot Clark- The Apartment Bartender

This instagram lead in animation is a fantastic way to build equity with your social following or IGTV station.


Character "guide" driven intro that leads listener into podcast episodes

PodSave America

Humor with cartoon influence that overlays more serious topic. Real photos overlay to bring the viewer back to reality and help bring awareness to the story.

Folklore- Outro Bumper/Instagram Ad

Characters used for awareness campaigns